Denise Richards Is Screwed Up

While the U.S. is currently facing the verge of recession so is Denise Richards.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Supposedly, Richards is so concerned about her professional future, ‘’she’s willing to do just about anything and take any role that’s not pure porn,” says a longtime pal. Besides her dismal reality show, Richards’ recent film projects have been clearly forgettable little comedies yet to find distribution.
Now it’s about time Denise shifts on the sexy side of showbiz. I think we’ll be expecting more flesh this time because finally a hot celebrity like Denise Richards will be so much willing to do anything. And if you’re a celebrity whose in dire need of moolah then I guess doing free phone sex, sex chat, and having dirty phone sex with DOM's would be very much appreciated. And it won’t be long until we see Denis Richards’ sex tape online. Of course it will sell.

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