Why so serious?

A week ago I watched Heath Ledger’s movie entitled The Brothers Grimm, a fantasy film that he starred together with his co-actor Matt Damon. And recently today it was reported that the 28-year old actor was found dead in his apartment. Whew! Can you imagine how short life is for all of us? It’s so sad that a great and promising actor such as Heath passed away at a very young age. He even left a 2-year old daughter named Matilda from her former partner Michelle Williams.

According to NYPD a masseuse arrived at Ledger's apartment and was let in by a housekeeper. When Ledger didn't answer his bedroom door, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened it and found him unconscious with pills right beside his body. They attempted to wake him; when they couldn't, they called 911. Medics came at the scene and performed a CPR on the actor but they couldn’t revive him. He was pronounced dead on the spot. There were possible angles that led to the young actor’s death. One was suicide and the other was plainly an accidental drug overdose.

He will be remembered in his upcoming Batman film, “The Dark Knight” as he plays the role of an antagonist, The Joker. RIP Health Ledger! See you in your last film dude.


Celebrity News: Nicole Richie is now a parent

'Simple Life' star Nicole Richie finally gave birth to her 1st born baby yesterday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The baby girl which weighed 6 lbs., 7 oz, was named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Now it's time for us to see how Nicole handles parenting herself. I think she can handle it considering what she has gone through in her life. So to Nicole and husband Joel Madden congrats to both of you may you live happily ever after and after and after and after...

Another Celebrity on the Knocked up list

Pamela Anderson is knocked up! That's a fact. But the question is, is she carrying the baby of Rick Salomon?Tsk tsk tsk...They're supposed to be getting a divorce and now they end up having a baby?OMG! What is wrong with the world mama...

Skater Boy is Pregnant

Geez! Every celebrity that I know is getting knocked up these days. This year would definitely be a good time for procreating babies, ain't it? LOL According to radio host Zack Taylor, the 23-year-old Canadian pop rock princess Avril Lavigne is pregnant with Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley’s baby. She is expected to deliver her baby in August and it would then be the couple's first child together. That's nice!

Heidi Montag - Maxim Magazine Pics

American reality television celebrity Heidi Montag shows off her surgically enhanced bod in the February 2008 edition of Maxim magazine. Even though she'd undergone a lot of surgical procedures, I think she's still hot. What do you think guys? Just drool and don't say a word.


Lick lick lick..I mean click click click

Bar Rafaeli - Arena Topless Photos

Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli posed topless in the latest edition of Arena Magazine. She was dubbed by Arena mag as " The Body of 2008". I definitely agree to that just by looking at her daring photos. She really is a hottie and Leonardo DiCaprio is one lucky guy. Wheew! It's very hot in here.


Be the judge!

Britney Spears: Nooooo not again!

Brit brit is on the news again ladies and gentleman. It was reported that Britney Spears was hospitalized late Thursday night after the pop star locked herself in a room with one of her children at her home in L.A and refused to turn over her son to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Now that's how shitty things happen when an attention seeker like Brit the frit tries to bring back the limelight in her wrecked career and win over the hearts of her fans. Nahhh, I won't buy that crap. Let's just pretend that we make money out of this stuff. LOL

Anyway, sources tell that Britney was under the under the influence, intoxicated, and a danger to herself and others. Is Britney sniffing paint thinner? Or maybe she drank a dishwashing liquid that's why her mind just blew off. LOL

Here's a video of Brit Brit being taken by medics to the hospital:

Nancy Castiglione: Maxim 2008 Cover Girl

Sexy model and actress Nancy Castiglione will be on the cover of Maxim magazine's January 2008 issue. During an interview, Nancy admitted that she posed even sexier than her other pictorials with other men's magazine before. So I presume that what she's wearing will be more skinnier and more daring. I'm looking forward to this, seeing Nancy in a hot lingerie outfit, hence wearing non at all. Oooops!


Jennylyn Mercado - FHM 2008 cover girl

Kapuso star Jennylyn Mercado is going to be the next cover girl of the most popular men's magazine here in the Philippines. In a recent interview with PEP, the young actress said that she is now more confident with her body and this will be the right time for her to show the people what she's got; an amazing bod that men would likely crave for in the next issue of FHM.

Here's a preview of her daring cover photos:

Lindsay and Hayden honored at the Capri Hollywood Film Festival

Starlets Lindsay Lohan of 'Mean Girls' and Hayden Panettiere of 'Heroes' were honored for their acting abilities at the Capri Hollywood Film Festival on December 30 in Italy. They both were the recipients of the Career Recognition award for their outstanding performances in the entertainment industry.

Halleeer! Too much TV kills. LOL

Father and son bonding moments

Brad Pitt and his son Pax went out for a ride in a 4x4 cart in downtown New Orleans. Aww! How sweet a bonding moment with his son on New Year's Eve day. If by chance, the Pitt family would visit here in the Philippines, I would like to see Brad driving a tricycle (a 3-wheel motor cab used as a commute vehicle) Wouldn't it be lovely to see the family riding altogether in a passenger-type cab? LOL A lot of smiles and a lot of sweat for Brad as he maneuvers the motor cab...hahaha

Leah Dizon - Hot Pics

This girl is hot dude, look at her body isn't it very tempting? Leah Dizon (born Leah Donna Dizon) is a model, singer, and a TV personality in Japan. I think she would be in every guy's fantasy, a hottie in their sweetest dreams and a girl to whip every man's a** off. LOL


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