Denise Richards Is Screwed Up

While the U.S. is currently facing the verge of recession so is Denise Richards.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Supposedly, Richards is so concerned about her professional future, ‘’she’s willing to do just about anything and take any role that’s not pure porn,” says a longtime pal. Besides her dismal reality show, Richards’ recent film projects have been clearly forgettable little comedies yet to find distribution.
Now it’s about time Denise shifts on the sexy side of showbiz. I think we’ll be expecting more flesh this time because finally a hot celebrity like Denise Richards will be so much willing to do anything. And if you’re a celebrity whose in dire need of moolah then I guess doing free phone sex, sex chat, and having dirty phone sex with DOM's would be very much appreciated. And it won’t be long until we see Denis Richards’ sex tape online. Of course it will sell.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Wedding: Got married so soon? How come?

After the hullabaloo that’s been going on with the sudden breakup of Paris Hilton and Benjie Madden, reality TV’s most annoying couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt is said to have tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in a resort, just outside Cabo San Lucas in Mexico last Thursday, November 20. Geez! I’m wondering why they got married so soon. Oh well, I think they are both happy together and I think they’ve finally realized that they are meant for each other. The funny thing is, sources say that there’s not even one close family member present during the ceremony, which lasted only for about 15minutes. Goodness gracious, what kind of a solemn wedding is that? I bet you their relationship, I guess, wouldn’t even last for 15 years. Bring it on splitsvillers.

What Happened to Benjie Madden and Paris Hilton?

Yeah it’s already confirmed that the heiress Paris Hilton and Good Charlotte rocker Benjie Madden broke up. Its splitsville this time and I was right from the very start that their so called perfect relationship wouldn’t work out the way it should be. During an interview with “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Paris Hilton confirmed that she and Benjie called it quits already, but she added that she was still in love with Madden and they are still close friends. What could be the reason behind the sudden broke up? Could it be the issue that Paris Hilton is being choked by Benjie’s “controlling” nature? Well I leave that up to you guys. You be the judge. Anyways, too much gossip tends to blow our minds out. Let me give your weekend a new spice by checking out Bond girl Olga Kurylenko’s Maxim US magazine sexy photos.

Changeling Official Movie Poster Revealed

Changeling Official Movie Poster

The official movie poster of Clint Eastwood’s provocative thriller Changeling has just been revealed to the public. The movie stars Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins. The Changeling is a story about a mother whose son got kidnapped, when her son got returned she soon realized that the boy was not hers. Jolie’s character desperately seeks answers and is soon confronted by a truth that would change her life forever. Angelina’s son is played by 12-year-old actor Devon Gearhart. The movie will open in theaters this coming Fall season.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Opinion

Eraserheads Reunion Concert
The famous OPM band in the Philippines, the Eraserheads had a one-night-only reunion concert last August 30, 2008. Unfortunately, the concert was stopped because the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital after the 20-minute break, due to severe stress and poor emotional and physical condition.

For those of you who are not familiar with the famous 90’s Filipino rock band, Eheads or Eraserheads was formed by University of the Philipines, Diliman students Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. They started out in 1989 as an independent band, which later in the early 90’s released their first album that became a hit to the Filipino masses, especially the young guns during that time. I for one am one that Ehead fanatics. Some popular music played by the OPM rock band are Huling El Bimbo, Pare Ko, Toyang, Alapaap, and Fruitcake.

Before the reunion concert was pushed through, there had already been problems regarding the sponsorship of the said Eraserheads concert that almost caused its cancelation. If you are wondering why tickets were no longer free, just think of it this way, if you are an avid fan of Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, and Steve Coogan and they would all be in a one-night-only concert, I guess you’d probably buy Stevie Wonder Tickets, Tina Turner Tickets, and Steve Coogan Tickets and never ask any more questions. But once you see your favorite rock idols, like the Eraserheads, sing in front one of the songs that bring back the youthhood in you, then you will never worry if tickets are sold expensively. If by any chance, the Eraserheads will perform again on stage in a one-night-gig, I’d really love to watch them again and again, as well as listen to some of their influential songs in my mp3 player. The songs of the Eraserheads really influenced how music was played here in the Philippines. The new and emerging bands right now still have a lot of things to learn from these OPM (Original Pilipino Music) gurus.
Since me and my band started out when I was in college, we really idolized the songs of the Eraserheads, using some of their songs as our cover during gigs and presentations. It’s like their songs don’t go out of style as generations pass by. It’s like they’re already imbedded in the Philippine music ensemble and will forever be cherished by fans and musicians alike.

Geez! Casey Aldridge Cheated

Casey Aldridge Cheated

Holy molly! There have been rumors circulating that Jamie Lynn Spears’ fiancé and baby-daddy Casey Aldridge has been getting late and intimate with another chick. In the new issue of In Touch Weekly, 28-year-old Kelli Dawson claims Casey was cheating on Jamie Lynn as far as six months into the teen’s pregnancy. The couple met in late 2006 when Casey was still dating Jamie Lynn. According to Kelli, the two hit it off right away:

“We were both really attracted to each other. He totally instigated it and pursued me. His friends would tell me that he liked me, that he thought I was pretty.”
Britney Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander — the one she was married to for 8 hours — confirms that Casey and Kelli were indeed intimate:
“Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years. They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.”
Kelli claimed that she broke off the relationship with Casey just a few months before Jamie Lynn gave birth because “it just didn’t feel right.” So basically everything was cool when Jamie Lynn’s fetus still had a tail but once its skull fused Kelli’s morals kicked in:
“It just didn’t feel right. He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop . . . even after we stopped having s*x, we would still kiss occasionally.”
This is really a big deal for Britney’s sis because the other woman gleefully admitted that she was really having an affair with Casey Aldridge. That’s definitely one thing I hate about men screwing another woman. Of course I must admit that I am a one woman man and I don’t do things like these; especially in the case of Jamie wherein her pregnancy was exposed by the media. Good luck!

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer is Splitsville

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer
Just recently news went out that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up. Now, it is confirmed and official that the two really called it split earlier this week. A source close to John told UK rag the Daily Mirror:

“There’s been a bit of tension for some time. They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them stronger. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have worked. John took the decision to end things as he felt he just wasn’t ready for the level of commitment that Jennifer deserved. Contrary to reports, Jen didn’t want to have kids or marry this year, but she did want to set a timetable for their future together. She also wanted him to assure her he would cut down his tours in the future when they did eventually have children.”
“Initially, Jennifer was furious when he told her of his decision but now she’s simply sad - not to mention a little heartbroken. They have spoken on the phone since the split and are trying to remain on good terms. But unless John has a dramatic change of heart, it’s unlikely they’ll rekindle their romance.”

How sad, they were supposed to be a nice looking couple. But then you can really never predict when a person falls in and falls out of love. Geez! Jennifer Aniston got dumped again, what do you think would Brad Pitt think about her ex.

The Investigation for Heath Ledger’s Death Is Closed

Heath Ledger's Case Closed

After almost eight months of finding nothing, the federal investigation into Heath Ledger's death has been officially closed. Mary-Kate Olsen was reportedly set to be subpoenaed later this month, but the U.S. Attorney's office apparently saw enough of the DEA going around the country interviewing models and actresses over an accidental overdose and shut the entire investigation down.

TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the Heath Ledger investigation say the Drug Enforcement Administration set a new low for starfucking. People who have talked to TMZ off the record are now willing to go on record -- still anonymously -- about one of the most bizarre DEA power grabs ever. How's this for starters ... no one we've spoken with connected with the case can point to a single DEA case where a massive investigation was launched over an accidental death in which no criminality was even hinted at. We know the DEA went all over the country, in one case tracking down a guy in California who smoked a joint with Ledger in the '90s, telling him he had to testify in a Grand Jury probe. And how's this for chutzpah ... the DEA told the guy he would have to pay his own way to NYC to testify before the Grand Jury!...We know the NYPD was furious at the DEA for making an immediate power grab to control what should have been a simple case. NYPD cops felt "humiliated" by what one source called "utter disrespect" on the part of the DEA. As for the U.S. Attorney's office, we're told officials say they were appalled at what they felt was a "bogus" investigation."

Well all I can say is that Heath’s death was due to an accidental drug overdose period. And kudos to him for his best ever portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight movie.

Diamond Stars

Lindsay Lohan Wearing Diamond Necklace

Bad girl Lindsay Lohan may be trying to remake her image. Her prior behavior had her starring on the cover of many tabloid magazines more than she starred on movie screens. Now, that image is moving to the small screen with a guest appearance in an ABC comedy called "Ugly Betty." It's rumored the actress, who has recently been in rehab, is trying to start out on a good foot by showing up early to the set and being on her best professional behavior. While known for many things, not all of them are unfavorable. The actress has a penchant for diamond jewelry and despite the wagging tongues online and elsewhere, when she shops for diamonds (even with a current boyfriend) it doesn't necessarily mean she's getting engaged. So, when rumors started to come out about her shopping at XIV Karats Jewelry a while back, it started a whole new set of speculation which turned out to be untrue. The woman just loves her diamond jewelry and wanted to get another set of diamond earrings.

Lindsay's star may start to sparkle more this year as she comes out of a rehab program and begins to re-polish her image. One thing is certain she'll be doing it in style with her choice of diamond bangle bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Maybe she'll even pull out the diamond and sapphire bangle bracelets she received on her 20th birthday. The stones are set in white gold and were estimated to be worth $4,480 at that time. Diamonds have always been her good luck charms and that might be the reason that she went for the role of Fisher Willow in the movie "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond." However, she eventually lost that roleto Bryce Dallas Howard.

Diamonds and Lohan go hand in hand. She even wears them when she decides to wear nothing at all, as when she recreated "The Last Sitting" of Marilyn Monroe photographs with photographer Bert Stern. She wore a diamond ring and a diamond rope necklace in some shots which mimicked the last known sitting shot of Marilyn Monroe at the Hotel Bel-Air. Like Marilyn, Lohan often finds herself the topic of tabloid interest, but hopefully now she is making a turn-around into serious acting, a choice Marily often wanted for herself but failed to obtain.

Kim Kardashian In Sexy Bikini Again

Kim Kardashian Bikini Picture
Look what we got here Entertainment Buzz lovers; its Kim Kardashian showing off her nice pair of bikinis and of course her big assets. Kim posted these photos in her blog when they were in Miami a few months back with her sister. Are those things for real? I mean celebrities nowadays are into surgeries, I doubt Kim Kardashian never went into any operations with her breasts. I’m assuming that Kim had her breasts enlarged to please all male entities and all her fanatics. Although I definitely love to see Kim Kardashian wearing only a bikini cause it releases the manhood in me. You can never resist a girl as sexy and beautiful as Kim Kardashian. Even though Kim has been through a lot of cosmetic surgery enhancements, she is still one of the hottest Hollywood babes I know that’s too sexy and too hot to handle. But I don’t like the idea that they are best friends with the heiress, I guess part of being a celebrity, one should exchange plastic faces with each other while on public just to be popular. Thank God I’m no celebrity cause girls might stalk me day and night. And I don’t want that to happen cause I’m a one-woman man and I don’t know how to deal with issues concerning girl fights.

Kim Kardashian Bikini Picture 2Photobucket

Grab that winning looks!

look of the year

Do you have the killer looks and smile? Do you have that perfect sexy body? Are you interested in becoming one of the top models working in Paris, New York or Milan? Then join the look of the year contest, a beauty contest open to all beautiful aspiring young models interested in being spotted by modeling agencies. Just send in your most beautiful photos and be recognized as a model. The contest’s winner will bag $10,000 in cold cash and will have the chance of becoming famous.

The Speed Racer Movie Will Flop?

Speed Racer Movie

What’s this buzz about Speed Racer movie having such bad reviews and is predicted to be a blockbuster flop. Well from the 7-minute preview I’ve seen, nothing about the movie interests me. Although the visual effects are very impressive, the movie’s story line is definitely not intended for kids, even adults will have difficulty in following the movie’s flow.

So if this will be the case, you’d probably just wait for the movie to show in your television. If you have a Satellite TV, it would be better to watch the cartoon speed racer since it has more sense than what I’ve seen in the movie trailer. But if you prefer visuals, digital effects and animations than a good storyline then you should watch this movie. I think in my case, I want a good storyline to go with good visual effects so I prefer movies shown in my own TV that has sense after all I’m a subscriber so I definitely should be receiving quality-wise service.

Is Jim Carrey Gay?

Jim Carrey Gay, Hunk Rodrigo Santoro, I love you phillip morris
OMG! Don’t tell me Jim you’re gay? Jimmy Boy was spotted dressed in the usual Versace, with hunk Rodrigo Santoro holding hands and having intimate moments together. What the! Alright alright before everybody overactingly reacts, it’s just a shooting folks for the new gay sequel to The Birdcage called I Love You Phillip Morris.

The movie is based on a novel about a married father who falls in love with his cellmate played by Ewan McGregor. After Ewan gets released, Jim escapes from prison three times to be with him.

Hahahaha this movie is going to be funny. “Where there is Jim there is fun”

Thank You Entertainment Buzz

thank you
I have been blogging here on Entertainment Buzz for quite sometime now. It’s been 6 months since I started blogging and I was impressed on how my blog have become. I’ve already covered a lot of news and it’s an achievement for a newbie blogger like me to have created such an entertaining buzz blog. It’s also a good thing that once in a while you get to practice your writing skills through blogging. And if you’re blogging about the latest celebrity gossip, it’s much easier compared to writing about the stock market. If you feature celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, they sure are a big hit for interested readers cause they are the most talked about people in this generation. Why has blogging become a phenomenon? Of course, people get paid to blog and can monetize their blogs through this kind of service. It’s a win-win situation for advertisers as well as bloggers who give link love back. And also to those celebrities that we’ve blogged for quite a while now better thank us for this, since we blog about you and you gain much popularity because of what we’re doing, it would be highly appreciated if we hear a simple THANK YOU from you.

Emma Watson is of Legal Age

Emma Watson just turned 18, and unlike your 18th birthday she, however, just got access to the money she made as a child actress. A whooping $20 million of moolah will now be granted to the Harry Potter actress, a.k.a Hermoine Granger, since she’s already of legal age. Though she sat through a series of lessons in money management given by Coutts bank. I hope she does learn a lot from that cause money is hard to find nowadays and it will definitely come and go. So spend it wisely Ms. Watson! Just a friendly reminder from Spiderman..Lol!

Entertainment Buzz: Britney Spears Involved In Car Accident

Our favorite Hollywood celebrity Britney Spears was involved in a minor accident on the 101 freeway last night. She was accompanied by one of her bodyguards when the minor collision occurred. It appears that Britney rear-ended a car that also hit the car in front of it. Sources who were at the seen said that Britney was tested by the Highway Patrol for alcohol intake. Also, sources revealed that no one got a ticket from the incident, nobody was hurt and everyone went their own way. Lucky Brit!

Here's an exclusive video of the accident:

Exclusive Britney Spears Video After the jump...

Kobe Bryant Car Jump Stunt

A YouTube video of NBA basketball super-star Kobe Bryant has been circulating around. In this vid Kobe was seen jumping a speeding Aston Martin in his new Hyperdunk Nike shoes. Could it be real considering the basketball star to be doing a stunt performance that could possibly jeopardize the Lakers team if ever he gets injured during the video's shooting? Or is it just one of Nike's viral video advertisement?

Here's the video for all Kobe Bryant fanatics:

The answer: It’s fake. The video is a Nike commercial being used as viral video advertising, which is the latest fad. The car Kobe jumped over was computer generated. A lot of people would have preferred to see the car run over Kobe.

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Paris Hilton Is Inlove! Char!

Paris Hilton and Benjie Madden
Here’s another look at Paris Hilton and her rocker boylet Benjie Madden spending almost two months on tour. Look at the couple do they look so sweet? Aww!! It’s like two lovebirds in sweet autumn. They are too in love the cupids are left jobless.

Just recently Paris wrote on her MySpace celebrity blog,

"I've never felt so happy and in love," adding "He's such an amazing guy and life has never been better."
Let’s see Paris, let’s see how long your relationship is going to last. Let’s just pretend that Benjie is not one of your precious boy toys and that he is the one rocking your heart out. Let’s give this sweet lovebirds maybe a couple more months before it’s split-ville time. Rock On!!

Dick Cheney Sunglass Scandal

Dick Cheney Sunglass Scandal
A recent controversy was circulating around regarding a reflection seen on Vice President Dick Cheney’s sunglasses. Some said that the reflection seen was of a naked woman in Mr. Cheney’s lenses. But if you take a close look at it it’s just a hand holding onto a fishing pole. Geez! People nowadays are too imaginative their minds wonder around the bushes. Inquisitive people are too nosy they seek for means to find the mistakes of others. Well enough about the sunglass issue its not worth the buzz. No Dick Cheney Sunglass Scandal for people to gossip about.(wink)

Is that it? It's just a hand in the fishing pole

Click here to see a magnified view of Dick Cheney's Sunglasses...

Eva Longoria Bebe Bikini Pictures

Eva Longoria Bebe Bikini

Eva Longoria is one sexy Bebe in bikini. Just look at how she posed for her Bebe Sport campaign; she’s so hot my eyes are firing up. I didn’t even notice that. Tony Parker is one lucky guy to have this kind of gorgeous lady as his wife. Braze yourself for more Eva Longoria bikini pictures. (slurp)

Eva Longoria Bebe bikini pictures 2

Eva Longoria Bebe bikini pictures

More Eva Longoria bikini pictures after the jump...

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

Kim Kardashian bikini picture
What is it that people like about Kim Kardashian anyway? Well she’s got great big boobs and a nice piece of ass, enough for people to like her very much; aside from the fact that she has a sex scandal and she’s Paris’ closest of friends, it’s more than enough for her to be famous. Kim Kardashian looks sexy in her red bikini, although I was really hoping to see her not putting them on.(wink)

Kim is currently filming an episode for her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the Viceroy Hotel.

Kim Kardashian Bikini picture 1

Kim Kardashian Bikini picture 3
The Kardashian's Chillin Out!
Kim Kardashian Bikini picture 2

More Kim Kardashian bikini pictures...

Lindsay Lohan is having legal problems

Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan better have good lawyers cause she’s in real legal trouble this time. Our Mean Girls star is being sued by her former bodyguard, David Kim, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of oral contract, and state Labor Code violations. Kim is forcefully asking for $55,000 to compensate him for work he did as a bodyguard, which required 24-hour service at a rate of $4,000 per week, and an additional of $2,800 per week for evening-only work.

She should have paid her bodyguard. Oh! I forgot Lindsay is already in deep sh*t right now cause her acting career is on a lay-low state. Pay up Linds or else you’ll end up owing debts to your expensive lawyers.

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Is Beyonce Knocked-up?


After the news broke out that Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting married, then came the confirmation that the couple got married already according to Mary J. Blige. Now, rumor has it that our Beyonce is said to be pregnant. Ok! Another celebrity on the knocked-up list I guess. If the rumors are true then let’s all wait folks. Take a look at the recent photo of Beyonce. Is there any baby bump? Can you see it cause I can’t. My eyes hurt I need to sleep. Lol!

Ali Larter Graces Lucky Magazine

Sexy celebrity Ali Larter, our favorite Heroes star, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the latest issue of Lucky Magazine. I love how this celebrity shows her charming smile; it’s one of a kind. Here’s a sneek preview of what she has to say regarding her sense of fashion:

On her style: “I like my clothes to be able to take on my mood rather than tell me my mood. When something looks great on me, I don’t even question it. I just buy it, because who knows when I’ll find the next just-right thing?”

On wearing a gigantic new engagement ring to the cover shoot: “I’ve never been a huge jewelry girl, but I’m never taking this off.”
If you’re hoping to win a date from this lovely young celebrity, the answer would probably be no. So guys better back off cause she’s already engaged to her long time boyfriend, actor Hayes Mac Arthur. Awww!
Ali-Larter-Lucky-Magazine-Cover-Girl 01Ali-Larter-Lucky-Magazine-Cover-Girl 02

More photos after the jump...

Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines Magazine

Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines Magazine
Hot and sexy Brazilian celebrity Priscilla Meirelles
, the Miss Earth 2004 winner graces the cover of the 1st edition of Playboy Philippines Magazine. She looks very sexy and seductive in the latest cover of the men’s magazine. If you guys think what I’m thinking, I think there will be semi-nude poses in the said mag. I hope there will be other featured hot and seductive women to satisfy the ever growing and hungry eyes of Filipino men. I would probably get myself an issue of this magazine. Let’s see if Playboy Philippines magazine is more daring than FHM.

Tom Cruise Angry is angry about Weed


Our favorite actor Tom Cruise is peeved that a new strain of medical marijuana has been marketed bearing his name. The said weed nicknamed, “Tom Cruise Purple” is already available on the streets. Word has it that the actor’s legal team is taking this matter seriously and is going to push through with legal actions to take this matter offhand.

According to weed devotees this purple stuff is said to make you see things that aren’t there. Oh really?! I guess this stuff is so jam packed even Tom Cruise can't bear it. I guess this pot will be the talk of the town cause I think every junkie and hippie in Southern California is going to buy this stuff cause they want to be like Tommy boy; dancing and running around and jumping in the couch.

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Megan Fox Shows Papparazis The Dirty Finger

Megan Fox Shows Dirty Finger
As Megan Fox arrives at the Vancouver airport, she was swarmed by stalking paparazzis that’s why she gave them the dirty finger. A!hole right in the middle...Good god is that how a woman should act in front of the public? Well, she’s still lavahopping hot even though she doesn’t have good manners and right conduct. Lol! I just want to stare at her sexy photos and her “finger” as a compliment.

PhotobucketMegan Fox Shows Dirty Finger 2

More Megan Fox photos after the jump...

Edison Chen Is Back In Action!

Edison Chen Scandal Now Back
Oh really!? A Singapore newspaper reported today that the scandalous Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, who intentionally leaked the nude photos of her former lovers in the Internet to boost his career to international status, will be doing a movie together with the Taiwanese actress Shu Qi.The young actor now confirmed that he lied when he said he would be retiring from the entertainment industry. He's such a d*ck head. He just used the issue and went with the flow so he could become a Hollywood actor. That's one mean guy you have there. Damsel in distress beware! I hope Paris Hilton and Edison Chen would do a movie together, cause I'm hoping to see another Paris Hilton and Edison Chen scandal soon. Lol! I wonder what would be a nice title for their movie? I think this would be a great title,“The Heiress and the China Man” Hahahaha Evil Tyrant I am...releasing the evil within me.

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Angelina Jolie's 16-year old modeling photos

Angelina Jolie 16year old for In Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly recently uncovered some sexy photos of Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie when she was still in her sweet sixteen. Well judging by the looks of her photos she, of course, was pretty young during the time the photos were taken, and her face still looks very angelic and wholesome I think. What do you think guys? Is she hot in her photos? Or is she hotter and bustier now?

Lick lick lick..I mean click click click...

Angelina Jolie 16year old modeling photos, sexy celebrity photos
Angelina Jolie 16-year-old In Touch Weekly

More photos after the jump...

Cameron Diaz GQ Magazine April 2008

Cameron Diaz GQ Magazine Cover

Featured on the April 2008 issue of the British GQ magazine is none other than our lovely and sexy Hollywood celebrity Cameron Diaz. Her beautifully sculpted body on the magazine's cover looks pretty amazing, it's like she's in for the plunge of her life.

Entertainment Buzz: Brian Gorrell Live on National Television

Brian Gorrell Live TV Patrol
Brian Gorrell, the Australian gay socialite who was robbed by his former Filipino boyfriend Dj Montano, is now a phenomenon. He has already conquered every national newspaper, personal blogs, and now the national television. Brian’s plea to bring back the money stolen from him by DJ Montano has now become every bloggers sensation. Fans and fellow bloggers are now scouring every possibility of giving him the utmost support and now he’s seen live on Philippine television. Local television network ABS-CBN finally talks about the issue, a correspondent in Australia reported about Brian’s campaign for justice through his blog. However, the local TV news network never mentioned names of famous socialites in Manila who were part of Brian Gorrell’s ranting in his blog. The question now is, will he make it? Will he get his $70,000 back?

Watch Brian Gorrell's interview with TV Patrol correspondent Gigi Grande:

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Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines Cover Girl

Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines Cover Girl 2008
Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles will soon be the cover girl of the very first issue of Playboy Philippines Magazine. The beautiful and sexy Ms. Meirelles is from Brazil. She is known for dating the Filipino celebrity John Estrada and was formerly linked to Australian hunk model Marc Nelson.

Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Philippines Cover Girl

More sexy photos after the jump...

Hottest Female Model Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Sexy Photos 2
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is one of the highest paid model in the world. According to a source

“Gisele Bundchen tops's 2007 list of The Top Earning Models in the World, raking in $33 million, more than triple the $9 million banked by Kate Moss, who came in second. The 15 models on our list were ranked primarily according to estimated earnings over the past 12 months.”
The 26-year old celebrity model is dominating the modeling industry with her beauty and glamour, considering that she’s still young to be at the peak of her career. Geez! How I wish I could meet this star personally. She’s so hot I want to drown in a bowl of soup. Lol!

Gisele Bundchen Sexy Photos

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Alessandra De Rossi - Philippine FHM Cover Girl 2008

Alessandra De Rossi - Philippine FHM Cover Girl 2008
Filipina actress Alessandra De Rossi is featured in the cover of FHM Philippines for the month of April. This Italian-Filipino actress is famous for her roles in movies and TV series in the Philippines and has won several acting awards for her movie roles. She’s also known for being a feisty and straightforward young woman. If you’re interested in knowing more about this celebrity then Google it yourself. Lol

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