Lindsay Lohan Takes Pictures of Herself for the Tweeps

Okay here's one for all of you guys out there. Lindsay Lohan posts some daring photos of herself for her Twitter fans a week ago and looks like she needs some major body overhaul or something cause she looks so fugly without a top and taking photos of herself looking like that. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan posted this pic to divert some attention from the alleged jewel heist at her London photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a self-portrait of herself wearing only her jeans with her blond looking hair using her BlackBerry. And I think she might have downloaded free ringtones for her BlackBerry phone cause its recession time for crying out loud and she's even rumored to have been part of the jewel heist in London. But don't get too excited about this self-portrait of hers cause its just an old picture from her previous Fornarina fashion shoot. Although its still nice to look at with that blonde hair of hers covering those pair of mammaries. I think the twitterverse have already seen everything Lohan’s got and she no longer needs to post this very fugly looking self portrait of hers on her personal Twitter profile. I think what she needs to have is a new career.

Eric Clapton - One of the greatest guitarists of all time

If you ask a musician on their opinions about the English blues-rock guitarist, they would definitely say that Eric Clapton is a music icon, the best among the rest, an astounding musician, a great music innovator, and the one of the greatest guitarist of all time. As for me, I’ve admired this guitarist since the day I heard him songs on the radio and as I watched him in several concert videos playing his greatest hit songs. I’ve even read the Eric Clapton biography and was amazed by how this old timer became so famous that if you ask anybody who’ve heard of his songs; they could really tell how those Eric Clapton songs have shaped the course of our generation.

Eric Clapton has been an inspiration to music lovers especially those that aspire to be the best guitarist of all time. Since then Eric Clapton had been an innovator of a wide variety of music genres, his works are a masterpiece and are hitting the charts from the time his career bloomed. His music is mostly focused on the blues-rock genre but his guitar skills do not limit him from playing various types of music. He is best know for participating in famous concerts, and you’ll know that when you look at the long list of Eric Clapton tour dates that are already scheduled for this year. I look forward to seeing again Eric Clapton and see him play one of the best songs that I’ve ever heard in my entire life, the song that is very inspirational and very charismatic and hopes to “Change The World” and become better.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Ricky Hatton Fight on May 2

I wouldn't miss this once in a lifetime chance of seeing two great boxing fighters battle their
A'es out in the ring on May 2, 2009 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. The Philippines' pride Manny Pacquiao, the pound-for-pound king will fight against Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton of United Kingdom on a 12-round junior welterweight bout, which I think will be the main event of the year. Judging by the looks of these fighters, no one can underestimate both of them as they have both the speed and agility of a champion. I am definitely looking forward to watching them exchange those punches and we'll see who will outbeat each other in this main event which is tagged as the Battle of the Worlds: East meets West boxing match up. Of course, making sure that I really get to watch this on my Direct Satellite TV, I'm going to subscribe on HBO pay-per-view.

Are You in or Out of the latest fashion? No you're not


Ok here's the thing, celebrities and other famous stars love to dress and be fashionistic as possible during special occasions as well as on their usual boring days, but come to think of it, do we really have to follow the way they dress? I think not. Most of our generation are already influenced by how famous stars and pop icons wear their usual clothings. We don't need to follow them cause we can be fashionistic in our own ways. Yes gentlemen, we can!

Men in business casual attires do look good especially if they pair the right casual dresses like men's pants paired with men's suits. Wearing jeans paired with a nice looking men's shirt and tie can already give a more fashionistic look in a sense that you can become a professional even if you wear simple types of clothings. Look at how stars dress in public, although they wear branded clothes, it doesn't mean that you need to buy branded and expensive types of clothes just to be noticed. All you need to do is look best with what you have. Its not a matter of being in or out, it's a matter of what you really are.

Watch UFC 96 Live Stream Online


Come this March 7, 2009 another Ultimate Fighting Championship match will be taking place at the Nationwide Arena in Colubmus, Ohio. Fighting for UFC 96 live pay-per-view main event will be UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson against Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardin.

If you are a fan of UFC then you'd better not miss this opportunity to watch UFC 96 live stream video on the internet or watch UFC live on pay-per-view channel. This coming Saturday, we will all witness this very exciting match-up between Jackson vs Jardine live on the UFC ring, in which both fighter are aiming to grab the light heavyweight championship title. Who do you think will emerge as the best fighter? Let's soon fing out as we will be watching the UFC 96 live streaming video.

Oscar Awards Night 2009 Live Video Coverage

It's just hours away before the 81st Academy Awards Night will be televised live at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. If you want to watch the Oscar Awards 2009 live awarding ceremony then you should know by now that the program will exactly start at 5PT/8ET and will be televised live on ABC channel.

Hosting the ceremonies is none other than our favorite hunk actor Hugh Jackman together with the other Hollywood stars who will be their to witness the honoring of some of the best movies of the year 2008. Many are already looking for ways to watch Oscar Awards 2009 live so better stay tuned in this blog cause we will be posting the video of the awarding event live as soon as the streaming feed comes in.

81st Annual Academy Awards Night 2009 Live

Honoring the best films of 2008, the 81st annual Academy Awards 2009 or most popularly known as the 2009 Oscar Awards night will be taking place on Sunday, February 22, 2009 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California and will be televised live on ABC.

If you want to know who won the best picture, best actor, best actress, and best director award, better be there when the awarding event happens. The host for the 2009 Oscar Awards night will be our favorite actor and hunk Hugh Jackman. This blog will cover the 81st Annual Academy Awards Night 2009 live as we will be posting the Oscars 81st Academy Awards 2009 live video stream so that all of us web surfers will be there to witness this prestigious event.

WWE No Way Out 2009 Live

Tomorrow February 15, 2009 at exactly 8PM ET, we are going to witness the greatest wrestling match in WWE history. The WWE No Way Out 2009 is an upcoming wrestling pay-per-view event, which is scheduled to take place at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. Wrestling fans all over the world will definitely not miss this very exciting event.

WWE No Way Out 2009 live is a pay-per-view event featuring wrestling stars like Vladimir Kozlov, Triple H, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker and John Michaels. The event which will be live tomorrow evening will be watched by over a million wrestling fans around the world. Even I am going to watch WWE No Way Out 2009 free live streaming video online.

Check out the WWE No Way Out 2009 event highlights here.

UFC Fight Night 17 - Lauzon vs. Stephens Live Stream Fight Video


The upcoming fight of Joe Lauzon vs. Jeremy Stephens in UFC Fight Night 17 is just hours away and I am already betting on one of them to win and be the Ultimate Fighting Champion of the night. The said event is going to be held tomorrow February 7, 2009 at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida. If you are looking for ways on how to watch UFC Fight Night 17 live stream online for free then better check back cause we're posting the live streaming feed of the UFC Fight Night 17 live and we're also posting some updates of the UFC Fight Night 17 results here on this very blog.

Watch Pro Bowl 2009 Live Stream Online For Free

All Americans especially the NFL fanatics are already very excited to watch the upcoming 2009 Pro Bowl, which will be held on Sunday February 8, 2009 in the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. So better gear up for another round of football and brace yourselves in watching your favorite football stars kick off in the playing field. Who do you think will win in this game will it be the NFC or the AFC team? Let's soon find out as we're going to be bring you a live video coverage of the 2009 Pro Bowl here in this very blog.

Better stay tuned cause as soon as media feeds are available, we'll be posting the live video of the event for you to watch Pro Bowl 2009 live stream online for free. We've found other sources that will also be covering the event live. You can also watch the 2009 Pro Bowl here and also here.

You can now watch Pro Bowl 2010 Live Stream channel here for free.

Watch Underworld Rise of the Lycans Movie Stream Free

Underworld Rise of the Lycans is the third installment in the Underworld series of films. It is a prequel to Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. If you are a fan of vampire and werewolves movies then this movie is definitely right for you. Many are already scouring the net to watch Underworld Rise of the Lycans movie stream online for free. To understand the movie better you should first watch the first two Underworld movies to appreciate what this movie is all about. The Lycans are werewolves who are said to be the guardians of the Vampires during daytime, whilst the Vampires are the one who's in authority in this supernatural prequel. Werewolves and vampires share a common ancestor, one Alexander Corvinus, who survived the Black Plague but emerged from illness transformed into a sort of Typhoid Mary of immortality. To know more about Underworld better watch it now via streaming video feed. Good thing I found this source where Underworld 3 movie stream is available. Enjoy!

Eraserhead Reunion Concert Final Set Tickets Now Available

The Final Set, the second part of the Eraserheads reunion concert, which was supposed to be the 2nd set of the previously canceled concert last August 30, will push through this coming March 7, 2009. It is already confirmed that the said reunion event will be held in SM Mall of Asia in Manila. I know you are all eager to watch Eheads reunite again in this one-night only concert, I too am very excited about this and I can no longer wait for the even to come. It's still January but I'm begining to start my countdown for this momentous event. Ticket reservations are already available via Ticketworld outlets. So if you are planning to be a part of this Eraserheads reunion concert, I guess you better act now and reserve or buy those tickets, cause I think they will all be sold out by March. When it comes to events, as well as other engagements like this it's much better to book your tickets through a ticket broker that can provide access to various events around. Whether you are looking in the Borgata Casino Event Center Tickets, Prudential Center Tickets, US Airways Center Tickets outlet, they can provide you with such service in dealing with ticketing for events and other special celebrations.

Margarito vs. Mosley Welterweight Fight Results

On January 24, 2009, we will witness the most exciting WBA welterweight fight between Antonio Margarito against Sugar Shane Mosley in Staples Center, Los Angeles. If you are looking the free live video stream of the upcoming welterweight bout then you are in luck cause we've found a Margarito vs. Mosley live streaming video source which is available for free. You no longer need to shell out any cash for pay-per-view cause as soon as the upcoming fight begins, it will be covered live round-by-round via online stream.

Who do you think will win the Welterweight belt? Will it be the three-time welterweight champion Antonio Margarito or the three-division world champion Sugar Shane Mosley? Let's soon find out and better prepare your bets for this boxing match. Click here to watch the fight live.

2009 Oscar Academy Awards List of Nominees and Nominations (Video)

81st Academy Awards 2009 List of Nominees | 2009 Oscar Nominations Video

Obama Inauguration Day 2009 Live Stream | Watch Obama Inauguration Video

Many of us have been waiting for this momentous and probably one of the most memorable event in American history, and the most anticipated occasion wherein the first African-American will be sworn to represent the most powerful country in the world; the United States of America. The Obama Inauguration Day 2009 will take place tomorrow January 20, 2009 and will be covered live on radio, TV, and the internet. So if you are planning to stay at home with your family, better stay tuned and watch the live coverage of the Obama inauguration online, as we will provide you with a live streaming video of this memorable event. So there are quite a number of available options to watch the Obama 2009 Inauguration Day.

The Presidential inauguration will officially start at 10 AM on the West Front of the Capitol Building, replete with musical performances from famous artists, as well as the United States Marine Band, the San Francisco Boys Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus. The most anticipated part of the event is the oath taking and the inaugural speech of president-elect Barack Obama, with millions of people watching around the world listening to what he’s going to say about his achievements, as well as his goals in the coming years to come, now that he’s in the most powerful seat as President of the United States of America.

After the jump watch the 2009 Obama Inauguration Live Video Coverage provided for us in real time.

Obama Inauguration Day Live Feed

24 Season 7 Episode 5 / Watch 24 season 7 episode 5 online video stream (24s07e05)

Ex-CTU agent Jack Bauer returns in 24 season 7 episode 5, Day 7 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. If you were able to watch the 4 episode premiere of 24 season 7 last week then expect a more action-packed and heart pounding continuation of Jack Bauer’s role in protecting his country and preserving freedom. The previous episode (s07e04) of 24 season 7 ends with Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida breaking in the African President’s quarters as part of their undercover mission to capture president Matobo and bring him to Coronel Ike Dubaku's hands. Now Jack Bauer takes matters in his own hands with the federal government tracking them down, and as the clock ticks, will he succeed in knowing the truth about government’s conspiracy? Will the United States President decide to withdraw their troops or retaliate against the African military faction headed by General Benjamin Juma? Let’s find out on the next episode of 24 Season 7.

Check back for the 24 Season 7 Episode 5 full online video stream as we’re still waiting for episode 5’s full video to be uploaded online.

24 Season 7 Episode 05 / Watch 24 Season 7 episode 5 Online Video Stream

David Cook Concert Tickets in Manila Philippines

For some American Idol fanatics who probably still don’t know yet that David Cook is coming here in Manila, Philippines for a one-night only concert then better read this. David Cook the reigning American Idol rock star will be having his first post-Idol show here in the Philippines, and where else could a so popular event be held than in our very own Astrodome. The David Cook concert is already scheduled on January 27, 2009 and if you’ve been preparing to attend this momentous one-night concert of our favorite American Idol Season 7 Grand Winner then better book your David Cook concert tickets now before it’s too late.
So what will avid fanatics expect from David Cook during this concert? Of course, one of the most popular songs whose been topping the radio charts since then is his great revival of Mariah Carey’s song entitled, Always Be My Baby. I could now imagine how the crowd will react if he started singing this song, and of course let’s not forget his revival of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, which gained momentum as listeners grew more avid hearing him in his regular and anguished howl type of voice.

David Cook I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Concert Video

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