Heath Ledger May Have Been The Father of A Love Child

Celebrity Gossips, Heath Ledger May Have Fathered A Love Child

So here I am in the couch looking like a lazy potato, sitting infront of my newly bought HDTV and TV Wall Bracket; staring and watching out for news and gossip on the entertainment world. And there it is finally something worth to blog about. Breaking headlines: “Heath Ledger had a secret love child” Oh really?! This would be another scoop for our entertainment buzzers. Our beloved and reposed actor, Heath Ledger who just passed away last January 2008 due to an accidental drug overdose, is believed to have fathered a “secret love child” in 1997. Based from statements released by Heath’s uncle Haydn Ledger, he said that there was a ‘real possibility’ his nephew had fathered a girl with another woman who’s older than him. So assuming that it was possible that the Australian actor impregnated his former lover when he was 17-years old, so Matilda Rose isn’t the only one inheriting his father’s wealth, there will be two children. So what Heath’s already dead, let’s just leave it as it is. If he’s the father of that secret love child, then poor kid, he already lost his daddy. Let’s just hope that everything’s going to be fine and this issue would not end up being too exaggerated by the media.

Sexy Celebrity Photos: Miranda Kerr

Hottest Female Celebrity Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr is one hot female celebrity. Men would likely crave for this kind of beauty considering that she's one of the hottest model of Victoria's Secret. Who would resist a one of a kind beauty? She's so hot in this lingerie outfit and if I were you, I'd probably stop staring at her boodylicious bud or else two fingers will come out of your monitor and will poke your eyes out. Lol

Hottest Female Celebrity Miranda Kerr 2Hottest Female Celebrity Miranda Kerr 3Hottest Female Celebrity Miranda Kerr 4

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Entertainment Buzz: Johnny Depp Might Sell Rubber Protectors

Johnny Depp Trojan Condoms, Celebrity Gossip
What? The Pirates of the Carribean star Johnny Depp is going to sell rubbers? I’m assuming he’s going to be called "Rubber Johnny" after this. It’s been reported that the Hollywood star’s been offered a whooping 10 million dollars to become the face of Trojan condoms. Cool! This would then be the next famous tag line for Johnny Depp “Hey Johnny! Depp it inside the Trojan condom will you!” Lol

The Daily Star says:
“Depp, 44, a big advocate of safe sex education, would be expected to appear in a series of offbeat TV commercials for the company's new Magnum range. Trojan bosses believe "Rubber Johnny" would not only expand sales in the US but also help inspire an anti-AIDS campaign to send free condoms to third world countries. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star also holds huge sway with teen fans and one slogan the ad executives are playing with is: "Stand up with Johnny for safer sex."

So who’d probably be the next endorser of sex-related stuffs? Paris Hilton perhaps? (wink)

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Another Paris Hilton Private Photo: Look at the Foot!

Paris Hilton Private Photos, Sexy Celebrity Photos
Geez! What’s that thing in Paris Hilton’s foot? It looks like an athlete’s foot. Lol What could have probably caused that skin irritation?

You decide folks, I leave the voting poll to you…

Entertainment Buzz: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tied The Knot?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tied The Knot
Hollywood celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is said to have tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony held in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel last Saturday afternoon. Sources tell that the couple, who is expecting twins this summer, had a planned intimate wedding ceremony. I still don't know if rumors are true about their wedding ceremony. Let's personally hear it from the couple, if they really had the this planned celebration pursued. Well Brad and Angelina are happily in loved couples so they are of course expected to tie the knot sooner or later. To Brad and Angie, hope you two have a long lasting relationship together. Cheers!

I wonder if the couple would be interested in having their own website, I mean they are said to be newly weds so they should have a Jolie-Pitt official family website or something, which fans could visit, to know the latest happenings and updates about the lovely couple. Will you be interested about the idea that fans will soon know when and where they will see or hear about their idols?

Hayden Panettiere Graces the Cover of Seventeen Magazine

Hayden Panettiere - Seventeen Magazine April Issue
Lookie lookie the Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is featured on the cover and in the pages of the latest issue of Seventeen magazine. The Hollywood star looks very adorable and cute in the cover. In the latest issue, Hayden talks about her fight against whalers in Japan as an advocate to save the world. She also speaks about her personal life and her current relationship. Well Heroes fans, if you’re interested in knowing our petite and adorable star better grab a copy of the magazine’s April issue.

Hayden Panettiere - Seventeen Magazine April Issue

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Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape: Fake or Not?

sexy celebrity photos, hottest female celebrities, Lindsay Lohan sex tape
Alright folks let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape really does exist and even if our favorite Hollywood celebrity denies all the rumors, the alleged tape will still end up in the world wide web’s circulation. Soon. I guess Lohan is freaking mad about this cause she made a call to his ex-boyfriend Calum Best and was screaming ferociously when she knew about the rumored sex tape. A source from The Sun overheard Lindsay’s call to Calum saying that she was freaking mad and she was ranting on the phone, and she even left a voicemail to end her rage. Looks like Lindsay needs a miracle cause sooner or later this rumored sex tape will soon be preyed by the perverts eyes. And believe it or not, everybody’s going to be posting the said video in his or her own blogs. And this blog may end up getting its own domain, backed up by the best web hosting company there is on the net.

Sexy Celebrity Photos: Adriana Lima in GQ Magazine

Hottest Femalce Celebrity Adriana Lima GQ Mag April

Adriana Lima is one hot female celebrity posing for the latest issue of GQ Magazine. This Brazilian supermodel, who’s tagged as one of the world's sexiest women, is so alluring that I can’t keep my eyes of her. Gentlemen don’t stare too much; you might end up in the mental hospital. Lol Well to some of you doesn’t know anything about her, she’s a Victoria’s Secret Model and she also posed in some of the famous men’s magazine. Adriana Lima also has a soft heart for orphans and she’s a charitable person in her hometown in Brazil. Did you know that? No! Anyway, for those who are not interested in her biography and her works just take a look at some of her hot and sexy photos; I think you’ll be satisfied with that.

Hottest Femalce Celebrity Adriana Lima GQ Mag April 1Hottest Femalce Celebrity Adriana Lima GQ Mag April 2

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Hear Ye Hear Ye Britney Spears' Clothes are For Sale!

Britney Spears Bikini Photos, Hottest Female Celebrities
It is reported that the producers of the CBS show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are selling six of Britney Spears’ clothing, which she worn during the episode. The proceeds of the said auction are going to be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Fans, stalkers, and admirers of Britney Spears better get ready since the auction will start immediately after the airing of the episode. Merchants who are entitled to sell her clothes also better prepare themselves and probably purchase an ecommerce software for this, cause I’m sure Britney’s fanatics are going to be scouring the web just to buy her clothes. It’s a good thing for Britney to earn back her bad reputation, since she’s totally into nothing these recent days, by donating some of her worn clothes to charity. Can you believe how people nowadays bid for the items worn by their idols? Will you wear Britney’s undies? I can’t even imagine myself wearing the underwear worn by David Beckham. Isn’t that stupid?

Celebrity Sex Tape Rumor: Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best

Lindsay Lohan - Calum Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Sexy Celebrity Photos
Looks like Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan is facing another quest in her existence in the entertainment world. Their have been rumors that his Lindsay’s ex-lover Calum Best exposed a video featuring Lindsay Lohan in a sexual performing act. Geez! I wonder where can I get a copy of this video scandal. Since scandal videos are now rampant on the net, people will do their very best to try and dig out every possibility of getting their hands onto this video. By looking at the still photo the woman whose doing a sexual act, in my own point of view, is probably Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan celebrity scandal, sexy celebrity photos, hottest female celebrities

As a backgrounder, the couple was dating a year ago, right before Lohan entered rehab. The guy, Calum Best, is one of London's notorious party boys and is known for documenting his sexual antics, so there’s really a 99.99% possibility that Lohan is the one in the video. It’s up to you guys to judge whether the woman in the photo is really our favorite and scandalous celebrity Lindsay Lohan.

Brian Gorrell VS. DJ Montano

DJ Montano and Brian Gorrell, Celine Lopez
While I was bloghopping, looking for interesting news and stuff on the entertainment world I came upon a very scandalous blog, which involves some of Manila’s high-class society. An Australian named Brian Gorrell has been ranting about his former and unfaithful gay lover, DJ Montano, who stole away his money amounting to 70 thousand dollars. And right now as a form of revenge, he put up a blog to release all his heart aches and demands that the money that DJ Montano, his former lover stole, be returned to him. The story does not end with that. He exposed a lot of controversies involving famous and elite personalities of Manila’s high class society. The scandal is not over yet and its still going on, Brian’s blog is always updated and his words are already spreading on the web. Geez! The gossip that was brought about in Brian Gorrell’s blog is spreading like a disease, worse than HIV. I guess his blog will become famous and the people will know him. I guess it’s up to the readers to decide if this Australian guy is really telling the truth.

Paris Hilton Private Photos: Look at those ugly scars

Paris Hilton, Hollywood Sexy Celebrity

Paris Hilton Sexy Celebrity With Scars

I just stumbled upon the heiress' photos from this site. Is this another Paris Hilton private photos? Geez! I thought Paris Hilton's legs are flawless, but by the looks of it she has a lot of scars and it's a major turn off. Lol What could have possibly happened to her legs?

Sexy Celebrity Photos: Amanda Griffin

Sexy celebrity Amanda Griffin, Sexy celebrity photos
This featured model might not be familiar to you, but she's indeed a 100% hottie. Amanda Claire Griffin, is a British fashion model and television personality in the Philippines. The sexy model and celebrity Griffin has modeled numerous designers and brands both in the Philippines and other countries in Asia, where she has also graced the covers of different magazines. Aside from modeling, Griffin is also an entrepreneur being the proprietor of Tabu swim wear and a recognizable face on television. Well guys if you're interested to know who this young and hot celebrity model is, better watch her in her lifestyle/fashion weekly show, F! on Studio 23, a Filipino-channel.

Sexy celebrity photo Amanda Griffin 2Sexy celebrity photo Amanda Griffin, Sexy celebrity

Victoria Beckham's Husband Caught In The Act

Sexy male celebrity David Beckham, Hollywood celebrity Victoria Beckham
One of the hottest male celebrities David Beckham, had been spotted by paparazzi's in Seoul’s Circle Club(while on tour with LA Galaxy in South Korea) being hugged by a mysterious lady. Lucky dude, who might this mysterious woman be? Is she probably one of his fans? I don't think fans can go immediately near their idols, nor do they hug in front of the crowd, especially when your idol is a married man. Maybe she's not an admirer after all, maybe she's the mistress longing for his man's love and warmth. Poor Victoria Beckham, she's been left out while his husband is partying and banging all around. I do believe in the saying that the when "the cat is away, the mouse will play". Lol If a hunka dude like David Beckham is seen hanging around sexy and probably the hottest ladies, expect that he is on a tight schedule or rather he's busy doing the men's work.

Angel Locsin Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2008 Edition

Sexy celebrity photo Angel Locsin Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2008 Cover
Kapamilya star Angel Locsin is the cover girl of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the local edition of the largest young women’s magazine in the world. For those of you who don’t know anything about this young and sexy celebrity, she’s known for her television and film roles and product endorsements in the Philippines. Aside from that she was also voted as as FHM's 100 Sexiest Woman in the World. Right now she’s the lead star of ABS-CBN’s TV series entitled “Lobo”. Enough of her profile and let’s look into this sexy celebrity’s physical attributes. Well, she’s ideally a cover girl material and she has a body that's perfect for a sexy celebrity photo. Men will likely crave for her since she posed in a sexy swimsuit attire, looking very daring and glamorous.

Copies are now available in all Philippine newsstands and magazine stores at Php 125.

Hollywood Celebrity Angeline Jolie Got New Breast Implants?

Hollywood Celebrity Angelina Jolie, Sexy Celebrity photo, Hollywood Celebrities
Nope definitely not! She may no longer need new breast implants cause she's preggy. Sexy Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie looks very hot and sexy in her maternity dress or rather looks very fashionable and glamorous in her maternity-type of dress. And it's so hot! Due to the fact that our favorite 32-year-old sexy celebrity is very very pregnant. Looks like the Pitt family is going to be expecting another child(or probably twins) in the near future and they’ll be one big happy family. Well Angelina’s getting very sexier and hotter as each day of her pregnancy passes. I guess we’ll be looking at a hot-motherly-type Angelina Jolie in the next couple of months. So stay tuned folks.

Sexy Celebrity Olga Kurylenko: The Next James Bond Girl

Sexy Hollywood Celebrity Olga Kurylenko, Hollywood Celebrities, sexy celebrity photos
Hollywood Celebrity Olga Kurylenko is said to be the next female lead star in the new James Bond film. The Ukrainian supermodel-turned-actress Kurylenko, who just starred in the recent movie Hitman, will now be Daniel Craig’s leading lady for the new James Bond film: Quantum of Solace. Reports say that the sexy Hollywood star spent six months learning Chinese martial arts in preparation for the upcoming movie. I can’t wait to see the next Bond movie; I think it will be still be an action-packed movie sequel following the events from the Casino Royale.

Sexy celebrity photo Olga Kurylenko, Hollywood Celebrity, hottest female celebrities

James Bond is the luckiest guy ever in the movies. He always gets the loveliest and sexiest ladies on the planet. It would also be interesting to see the hotness of his new leading lady. Olga was daring hot in the movie Hitman, let’s see how daring her role would be in the upcoming James Bond film.

Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer

Hollywood Actor Patrick Swayze Has Cancer, Gossips about celebrities

It’s been a long time since I heard gossips about this famous Hollywood actor. But just recently, it’s has been reported and confirmed that 55-year-old Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Stanford University Medical Center. Geez! Life is indeed short. Maybe the next time I’ll hear something from the news, the actor would probably be dying already or dead. I hope not.

Swayze became famous in the movies that he starred in. Some movies of his that I could probably recall watching are To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, Ghost, Dirty Dancin', City of Joy, Point Break, Roadhouse, Youngblood, and North and South.

Demi Moore on Harper's Bazaar Mag

Hollywood celebrity Demi Moore-Harper Bazaar Mag, Sexy Celebrity photos
Hollywood Celebrity Demi Moore is on the April 2008 cover of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Fabulous-at-every-age. The sexy Hollywood celebrity is still looking very glamorous at the age of 45. She doesn’t even look like a 45-year-old woman to me. I think she’s one of the hottest female celebrities in Hollywood. She’s got the looks and the body. Oh man! Men can’t resist her total hotness. Indeed she’s fabulous at every age.

The magazine issue will be released on newsstands, Thursday, March 20. I can’t wait to grab a copy of it.

Christina Aguilera Posed for Stephen Webster's Ad Campaign

Sexy Celebrity Christina Aguilera Stephen Webster Jewelry Ad Campaign, Sexy Celebrity photos
Hollywood Singer and Celebrity Christina Aguilera is the new face of Stephen Webster’s jewelry campaign. She posed for two Alfred Hitchcock-inspired ads, which will debut in the April issue of W magazine. It was reported that Christina was four months pregnant at the time they did the pictorial. By looking at it, looks like the photographer did a pretty good job hiding the baby bump.

In a recent interview Aguilera spoke about the UK Designer, “Stephen and I have been friends for many years and working together on this campaign and collection has been an incredible experience.”

Christina Aguilera Stephen Webster Jewelry Ad Campaign, Sexy Celebrity photos, Hollywood Celebrities

The Alfred Hitchcock-inspired sexy photos of Christina look pretty good, very classical yet so sexy. Feel me homies?

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Knocked Up?

Another celebrity gossip huh? Rumor has it that Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant. Is it for real? And who might be the culprit? If this were true, then Jennifer Love would probably be speaking about it live or on print. But I guess this is just another gossip and she’s been rumored since she was seen wearing a maternity like dress or some kind together with his lover boy Ross McCall. Well if this celebrity gossip is true then good luck to both couples, hope you last long and better not hide that baby bump if there’s really one. Well folks it's for you to find out if rumors are true or not.

Internet TV – The End of Television as We Know It?

With the power of the Internet, you can now access the contents of the World Wide Web, which nowadays are like boundless stream of data and information. Starting a business requires special knowledge. You'll just have to seat down and with a little browsing in the Internet, you can find help.

What else you could do? Well, probably you've already guessed it. You can watch TV shows online. Today, there's a great chance for you to watch your favourite TV shows online in high-definition color and do your work at the same time. Still, it's all possible if you have a good internet connection.

Online TV totally liberates you from those unreliable and limited satellite and cable channels. How? Well, the answer to that question might take a few digital pages but for now you just need to take in some of the advantages of this blue streaking entertainment medium. And when you are in the mood to have some fun, nothing is better than ad-free comedian shows with Godfrey or Cedric the Entertainer.

You're given a choice of over 10,000 premium TV channels and prime-time videos. Obviously, running out of fun and entertaining shows is not an option with Internet TV. Full-length movies, those cartoon channels kids can't get enough of, news and informative channels as well as everyone's guilty pleasures - soap operas, are always available for you online.

With Internet TV, you won't have to worry worry again of paying your satellite or cable TV bills. This software is your one-time payment scheme. It's made for you and all your demands. That's what high technology for.

Interested in winning a date with Scarlett Johansson?

Hollywood Celebrity Scarlett Johanson
Hollywood Celebrity Scarlett Johansson has established an auction, which will raise money for Oxfam America. It is reported that the said proceeds will go to her chosen charity. And of course the winning bidder will get two tickets to the world premiere of her new film He’s Just Not That Into You, be provided with a chauffeured car service to the premiere, and lastly meet and greet the wonderful Scarlett Johansson at the premiere. Isn’t that amazing? I wonder if the contest is open for fans here in the Philippines. But I don’t think I can afford the bidding in her auction. Still I, for one am very interested in joining considering the price of meeting the Hollywood celebrity in personal. That would definitely be one experience no one can imagine.

Topless Pictures of Paris Hilton in 944 Magazine

Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton Front Cover

Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton posed topless in the latest issue of 944 Magazine. Well I think she looks kinda sexy in her pictorial, although I sometimes get bored staring at her nude photos cause it's already exposed and rampant on the internet. Let's just pretend that we don't know the hot heiress and that she's not into the celebrity scandal thingy.

Here are some of Paris' sexy photos:

Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton 1Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton 2Photobucket

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