Lindsay Lohan Takes Pictures of Herself for the Tweeps

Okay here's one for all of you guys out there. Lindsay Lohan posts some daring photos of herself for her Twitter fans a week ago and looks like she needs some major body overhaul or something cause she looks so fugly without a top and taking photos of herself looking like that. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan posted this pic to divert some attention from the alleged jewel heist at her London photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a self-portrait of herself wearing only her jeans with her blond looking hair using her BlackBerry. And I think she might have downloaded free ringtones for her BlackBerry phone cause its recession time for crying out loud and she's even rumored to have been part of the jewel heist in London. But don't get too excited about this self-portrait of hers cause its just an old picture from her previous Fornarina fashion shoot. Although its still nice to look at with that blonde hair of hers covering those pair of mammaries. I think the twitterverse have already seen everything Lohan’s got and she no longer needs to post this very fugly looking self portrait of hers on her personal Twitter profile. I think what she needs to have is a new career.

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