Eric Clapton - One of the greatest guitarists of all time

If you ask a musician on their opinions about the English blues-rock guitarist, they would definitely say that Eric Clapton is a music icon, the best among the rest, an astounding musician, a great music innovator, and the one of the greatest guitarist of all time. As for me, I’ve admired this guitarist since the day I heard him songs on the radio and as I watched him in several concert videos playing his greatest hit songs. I’ve even read the Eric Clapton biography and was amazed by how this old timer became so famous that if you ask anybody who’ve heard of his songs; they could really tell how those Eric Clapton songs have shaped the course of our generation.

Eric Clapton has been an inspiration to music lovers especially those that aspire to be the best guitarist of all time. Since then Eric Clapton had been an innovator of a wide variety of music genres, his works are a masterpiece and are hitting the charts from the time his career bloomed. His music is mostly focused on the blues-rock genre but his guitar skills do not limit him from playing various types of music. He is best know for participating in famous concerts, and you’ll know that when you look at the long list of Eric Clapton tour dates that are already scheduled for this year. I look forward to seeing again Eric Clapton and see him play one of the best songs that I’ve ever heard in my entire life, the song that is very inspirational and very charismatic and hopes to “Change The World” and become better.

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