Why so serious?

A week ago I watched Heath Ledger’s movie entitled The Brothers Grimm, a fantasy film that he starred together with his co-actor Matt Damon. And recently today it was reported that the 28-year old actor was found dead in his apartment. Whew! Can you imagine how short life is for all of us? It’s so sad that a great and promising actor such as Heath passed away at a very young age. He even left a 2-year old daughter named Matilda from her former partner Michelle Williams.

According to NYPD a masseuse arrived at Ledger's apartment and was let in by a housekeeper. When Ledger didn't answer his bedroom door, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened it and found him unconscious with pills right beside his body. They attempted to wake him; when they couldn't, they called 911. Medics came at the scene and performed a CPR on the actor but they couldn’t revive him. He was pronounced dead on the spot. There were possible angles that led to the young actor’s death. One was suicide and the other was plainly an accidental drug overdose.

He will be remembered in his upcoming Batman film, “The Dark Knight” as he plays the role of an antagonist, The Joker. RIP Health Ledger! See you in your last film dude.



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