Geez! Casey Aldridge Cheated

Casey Aldridge Cheated

Holy molly! There have been rumors circulating that Jamie Lynn Spears’ fiancé and baby-daddy Casey Aldridge has been getting late and intimate with another chick. In the new issue of In Touch Weekly, 28-year-old Kelli Dawson claims Casey was cheating on Jamie Lynn as far as six months into the teen’s pregnancy. The couple met in late 2006 when Casey was still dating Jamie Lynn. According to Kelli, the two hit it off right away:

“We were both really attracted to each other. He totally instigated it and pursued me. His friends would tell me that he liked me, that he thought I was pretty.”
Britney Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander — the one she was married to for 8 hours — confirms that Casey and Kelli were indeed intimate:
“Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years. They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.”
Kelli claimed that she broke off the relationship with Casey just a few months before Jamie Lynn gave birth because “it just didn’t feel right.” So basically everything was cool when Jamie Lynn’s fetus still had a tail but once its skull fused Kelli’s morals kicked in:
“It just didn’t feel right. He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop . . . even after we stopped having s*x, we would still kiss occasionally.”
This is really a big deal for Britney’s sis because the other woman gleefully admitted that she was really having an affair with Casey Aldridge. That’s definitely one thing I hate about men screwing another woman. Of course I must admit that I am a one woman man and I don’t do things like these; especially in the case of Jamie wherein her pregnancy was exposed by the media. Good luck!


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