What Happened to Benjie Madden and Paris Hilton?

Yeah it’s already confirmed that the heiress Paris Hilton and Good Charlotte rocker Benjie Madden broke up. Its splitsville this time and I was right from the very start that their so called perfect relationship wouldn’t work out the way it should be. During an interview with “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Paris Hilton confirmed that she and Benjie called it quits already, but she added that she was still in love with Madden and they are still close friends. What could be the reason behind the sudden broke up? Could it be the issue that Paris Hilton is being choked by Benjie’s “controlling” nature? Well I leave that up to you guys. You be the judge. Anyways, too much gossip tends to blow our minds out. Let me give your weekend a new spice by checking out Bond girl Olga Kurylenko’s Maxim US magazine sexy photos.


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