Are You in or Out of the latest fashion? No you're not


Ok here's the thing, celebrities and other famous stars love to dress and be fashionistic as possible during special occasions as well as on their usual boring days, but come to think of it, do we really have to follow the way they dress? I think not. Most of our generation are already influenced by how famous stars and pop icons wear their usual clothings. We don't need to follow them cause we can be fashionistic in our own ways. Yes gentlemen, we can!

Men in business casual attires do look good especially if they pair the right casual dresses like men's pants paired with men's suits. Wearing jeans paired with a nice looking men's shirt and tie can already give a more fashionistic look in a sense that you can become a professional even if you wear simple types of clothings. Look at how stars dress in public, although they wear branded clothes, it doesn't mean that you need to buy branded and expensive types of clothes just to be noticed. All you need to do is look best with what you have. Its not a matter of being in or out, it's a matter of what you really are.


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