The Speed Racer Movie Will Flop?


Speed Racer Movie

What’s this buzz about Speed Racer movie having such bad reviews and is predicted to be a blockbuster flop. Well from the 7-minute preview I’ve seen, nothing about the movie interests me. Although the visual effects are very impressive, the movie’s story line is definitely not intended for kids, even adults will have difficulty in following the movie’s flow.

So if this will be the case, you’d probably just wait for the movie to show in your television. If you have a Satellite TV, it would be better to watch the cartoon speed racer since it has more sense than what I’ve seen in the movie trailer. But if you prefer visuals, digital effects and animations than a good storyline then you should watch this movie. I think in my case, I want a good storyline to go with good visual effects so I prefer movies shown in my own TV that has sense after all I’m a subscriber so I definitely should be receiving quality-wise service.


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