Diamond Stars


Lindsay Lohan Wearing Diamond Necklace

Bad girl Lindsay Lohan may be trying to remake her image. Her prior behavior had her starring on the cover of many tabloid magazines more than she starred on movie screens. Now, that image is moving to the small screen with a guest appearance in an ABC comedy called "Ugly Betty." It's rumored the actress, who has recently been in rehab, is trying to start out on a good foot by showing up early to the set and being on her best professional behavior. While known for many things, not all of them are unfavorable. The actress has a penchant for diamond jewelry and despite the wagging tongues online and elsewhere, when she shops for diamonds (even with a current boyfriend) it doesn't necessarily mean she's getting engaged. So, when rumors started to come out about her shopping at XIV Karats Jewelry a while back, it started a whole new set of speculation which turned out to be untrue. The woman just loves her diamond jewelry and wanted to get another set of diamond earrings.

Lindsay's star may start to sparkle more this year as she comes out of a rehab program and begins to re-polish her image. One thing is certain she'll be doing it in style with her choice of diamond bangle bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Maybe she'll even pull out the diamond and sapphire bangle bracelets she received on her 20th birthday. The stones are set in white gold and were estimated to be worth $4,480 at that time. Diamonds have always been her good luck charms and that might be the reason that she went for the role of Fisher Willow in the movie "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond." However, she eventually lost that roleto Bryce Dallas Howard.

Diamonds and Lohan go hand in hand. She even wears them when she decides to wear nothing at all, as when she recreated "The Last Sitting" of Marilyn Monroe photographs with photographer Bert Stern. She wore a diamond ring and a diamond rope necklace in some shots which mimicked the last known sitting shot of Marilyn Monroe at the Hotel Bel-Air. Like Marilyn, Lohan often finds herself the topic of tabloid interest, but hopefully now she is making a turn-around into serious acting, a choice Marily often wanted for herself but failed to obtain.


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