Indie bands rule!


I'm a musician at heart and I'm inspired by Indie bands. I've been with my punk-rock band since I was in college and believe me we've been through a lot in promoting just our single composition. I once knew of a band, an Indie band, which calls themselves Indigo-Son. A DC based rock-pop group composed of Dave Merkle on bass, Bala Harper on drums, and Wyatt on guitar and vocals. They are currently promoting their album entitled Nothing New on the radio and are going to be touring in India next year in January.

I hope they will tour here in the Philippines, since there are a lot of Indie bands here in our country. There's not much happening around in the music industry for local bands here in the Philippines, I guess it goes with the lack of promotions. The music industry needs some kind of support and inspiration from other Indie bands out there. Music is the key and the key is within us.


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