Wilyonaryo Cheating Rehearsal Video

"Wowowee! sinong di mawiwili dahil sa game na to ay di ka magsisisi Wowowee! panalo ang marami pagkat walang talo sa wowowee." I am a fanatic of the Philippine noon-time variety and game show hosted by none other than Mr. Willie Revillame. I've also heard of the controversies associated with the show. But what shocked me was the recorded video during the show's rehearsal, wherein I saw the manipulation of the game's outcome. This is a bit unfair to the participants don't you think? If the show was intended for the masses, the games are supposed to be played fairly and squarely. But I think the games are controlled by the management and the host, in my own opinion, just follows orders so there's nothing he can do about it. Frantically, the show still gives entertainment and hopes for millions of Filipinos so some don't really care about the issue and stuff. Controversies usually arise because of competition, other competitors are aiming to be on the top spot, given the highest rating, even if the audience no longer liked the way they present on television. And that for me is the culture of Filipino Entertainment.

Here's the video featuring the allegedly cheating rehearsal in Wowowee:


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