Edison Chen Is Back In Action!

Edison Chen Scandal Now Back
Oh really!? A Singapore newspaper reported today that the scandalous Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, who intentionally leaked the nude photos of her former lovers in the Internet to boost his career to international status, will be doing a movie together with the Taiwanese actress Shu Qi.The young actor now confirmed that he lied when he said he would be retiring from the entertainment industry. He's such a d*ck head. He just used the issue and went with the flow so he could become a Hollywood actor. That's one mean guy you have there. Damsel in distress beware! I hope Paris Hilton and Edison Chen would do a movie together, cause I'm hoping to see another Paris Hilton and Edison Chen scandal soon. Lol! I wonder what would be a nice title for their movie? I think this would be a great title,“The Heiress and the China Man” Hahahaha Evil Tyrant I am...releasing the evil within me.

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