Paris Hilton Is Inlove! Char!

Paris Hilton and Benjie Madden
Here’s another look at Paris Hilton and her rocker boylet Benjie Madden spending almost two months on tour. Look at the couple do they look so sweet? Aww!! It’s like two lovebirds in sweet autumn. They are too in love the cupids are left jobless.

Just recently Paris wrote on her MySpace celebrity blog,

"I've never felt so happy and in love," adding "He's such an amazing guy and life has never been better."
Let’s see Paris, let’s see how long your relationship is going to last. Let’s just pretend that Benjie is not one of your precious boy toys and that he is the one rocking your heart out. Let’s give this sweet lovebirds maybe a couple more months before it’s split-ville time. Rock On!!


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