Celebrity Sex Tape Rumor: Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best

Lindsay Lohan - Calum Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Sexy Celebrity Photos
Looks like Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan is facing another quest in her existence in the entertainment world. Their have been rumors that his Lindsay’s ex-lover Calum Best exposed a video featuring Lindsay Lohan in a sexual performing act. Geez! I wonder where can I get a copy of this video scandal. Since scandal videos are now rampant on the net, people will do their very best to try and dig out every possibility of getting their hands onto this video. By looking at the still photo the woman whose doing a sexual act, in my own point of view, is probably Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan celebrity scandal, sexy celebrity photos, hottest female celebrities

As a backgrounder, the couple was dating a year ago, right before Lohan entered rehab. The guy, Calum Best, is one of London's notorious party boys and is known for documenting his sexual antics, so there’s really a 99.99% possibility that Lohan is the one in the video. It’s up to you guys to judge whether the woman in the photo is really our favorite and scandalous celebrity Lindsay Lohan.


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