Hear Ye Hear Ye Britney Spears' Clothes are For Sale!

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It is reported that the producers of the CBS show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are selling six of Britney Spears’ clothing, which she worn during the episode. The proceeds of the said auction are going to be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Fans, stalkers, and admirers of Britney Spears better get ready since the auction will start immediately after the airing of the episode. Merchants who are entitled to sell her clothes also better prepare themselves and probably purchase an ecommerce software for this, cause I’m sure Britney’s fanatics are going to be scouring the web just to buy her clothes. It’s a good thing for Britney to earn back her bad reputation, since she’s totally into nothing these recent days, by donating some of her worn clothes to charity. Can you believe how people nowadays bid for the items worn by their idols? Will you wear Britney’s undies? I can’t even imagine myself wearing the underwear worn by David Beckham. Isn’t that stupid?


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