Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape: Fake or Not?

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Alright folks let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape really does exist and even if our favorite Hollywood celebrity denies all the rumors, the alleged tape will still end up in the world wide web’s circulation. Soon. I guess Lohan is freaking mad about this cause she made a call to his ex-boyfriend Calum Best and was screaming ferociously when she knew about the rumored sex tape. A source from The Sun overheard Lindsay’s call to Calum saying that she was freaking mad and she was ranting on the phone, and she even left a voicemail to end her rage. Looks like Lindsay needs a miracle cause sooner or later this rumored sex tape will soon be preyed by the perverts eyes. And believe it or not, everybody’s going to be posting the said video in his or her own blogs. And this blog may end up getting its own domain, backed up by the best web hosting company there is on the net.


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