Sexy Celebrity Olga Kurylenko: The Next James Bond Girl

Sexy Hollywood Celebrity Olga Kurylenko, Hollywood Celebrities, sexy celebrity photos
Hollywood Celebrity Olga Kurylenko is said to be the next female lead star in the new James Bond film. The Ukrainian supermodel-turned-actress Kurylenko, who just starred in the recent movie Hitman, will now be Daniel Craig’s leading lady for the new James Bond film: Quantum of Solace. Reports say that the sexy Hollywood star spent six months learning Chinese martial arts in preparation for the upcoming movie. I can’t wait to see the next Bond movie; I think it will be still be an action-packed movie sequel following the events from the Casino Royale.

Sexy celebrity photo Olga Kurylenko, Hollywood Celebrity, hottest female celebrities

James Bond is the luckiest guy ever in the movies. He always gets the loveliest and sexiest ladies on the planet. It would also be interesting to see the hotness of his new leading lady. Olga was daring hot in the movie Hitman, let’s see how daring her role would be in the upcoming James Bond film.


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