Hollywood Celebrity Angeline Jolie Got New Breast Implants?

Hollywood Celebrity Angelina Jolie, Sexy Celebrity photo, Hollywood Celebrities
Nope definitely not! She may no longer need new breast implants cause she's preggy. Sexy Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie looks very hot and sexy in her maternity dress or rather looks very fashionable and glamorous in her maternity-type of dress. And it's so hot! Due to the fact that our favorite 32-year-old sexy celebrity is very very pregnant. Looks like the Pitt family is going to be expecting another child(or probably twins) in the near future and they’ll be one big happy family. Well Angelina’s getting very sexier and hotter as each day of her pregnancy passes. I guess we’ll be looking at a hot-motherly-type Angelina Jolie in the next couple of months. So stay tuned folks.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the joys of motherhood. It is true that SOMETIMES motherhood brings out the physical beauty in you. Gosh, I just hope those perky mountains wont be sagging after the pregnancy.

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