Brian Gorrell VS. DJ Montano

DJ Montano and Brian Gorrell, Celine Lopez
While I was bloghopping, looking for interesting news and stuff on the entertainment world I came upon a very scandalous blog, which involves some of Manila’s high-class society. An Australian named Brian Gorrell has been ranting about his former and unfaithful gay lover, DJ Montano, who stole away his money amounting to 70 thousand dollars. And right now as a form of revenge, he put up a blog to release all his heart aches and demands that the money that DJ Montano, his former lover stole, be returned to him. The story does not end with that. He exposed a lot of controversies involving famous and elite personalities of Manila’s high class society. The scandal is not over yet and its still going on, Brian’s blog is always updated and his words are already spreading on the web. Geez! The gossip that was brought about in Brian Gorrell’s blog is spreading like a disease, worse than HIV. I guess his blog will become famous and the people will know him. I guess it’s up to the readers to decide if this Australian guy is really telling the truth.


Andrew Sheldon said...

Whilst I welcome any attempt to highlight the small mindedness of ‘high society’ evidence suggests that Brian Gorrell doesn’t fall far from the tree. See my thoughts at

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