Heath Ledger May Have Been The Father of A Love Child

Celebrity Gossips, Heath Ledger May Have Fathered A Love Child

So here I am in the couch looking like a lazy potato, sitting infront of my newly bought HDTV and TV Wall Bracket; staring and watching out for news and gossip on the entertainment world. And there it is finally something worth to blog about. Breaking headlines: “Heath Ledger had a secret love child” Oh really?! This would be another scoop for our entertainment buzzers. Our beloved and reposed actor, Heath Ledger who just passed away last January 2008 due to an accidental drug overdose, is believed to have fathered a “secret love child” in 1997. Based from statements released by Heath’s uncle Haydn Ledger, he said that there was a ‘real possibility’ his nephew had fathered a girl with another woman who’s older than him. So assuming that it was possible that the Australian actor impregnated his former lover when he was 17-years old, so Matilda Rose isn’t the only one inheriting his father’s wealth, there will be two children. So what Heath’s already dead, let’s just leave it as it is. If he’s the father of that secret love child, then poor kid, he already lost his daddy. Let’s just hope that everything’s going to be fine and this issue would not end up being too exaggerated by the media.


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